Roar Hair and Beauty

3EE43A95-27E2-4DE5-AF85-13B57A3EDE49.jpegSo it’s a new year and my first very overdue blog post!

But what better way to start then with a glowing review of a lovely wee treat I experienced at Roar Hair and Beauty Salon.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed my visit and if your feeling the need for some TLC, head over and show them some love!

Like most mums out there I’m guilty of perhaps, not taking as good a care of myself as I used to.

Gone are the days of spending half my wages on toiletries and make up and as for regular hair cuts, they are very much a thing of the past.

I suppose when you have a child there always seems like something else you should be spending your money on and excuses tend to build up until like me you find yourself, two years down the line, with a home-butchered barnet and the memories of your last hair cut, washed sepia.

I personally, had also left having my hair cut so long, that Id actually become too embarrassed to step foot inside a salon where all the stylists are gorgeously groomed and preened to perfectly; its always felt like worlds apart from my own comfortable, mummy domain.

But like I say, my last hair cut had been over two years ago and after numerous home hair colouring disasters and self snip jobs, I could no longer avoid a proper chop.. thankfully, I discovered Roar hair and beauty Giffnock and my view of self care has been totally transformed.

Roar Giffnock, is a relatively new salon that has just celebrated its second birthday at the start of this month however, what its hardworking team has achieved in that time is admirable.

The owner, Leo, has built a formidable reputation that has gained the salon a 5 star rating, as well as aSchwarzkopf and Goldwell Colour Masters and achieved

‘Fantastic Hairdresser of the Year’.

Their salon in Giffnock is the sister company of that in Strathbungo; the original crying out for expansion given its popularity and you can see why.

Given this, you may be expecting a salon that is both expensive and intimidating, however, their company ethos is simply making their guests look and feel fantastic (without any of the ego you might find in a similarly esteemed salon of its kind) and that truly lies at the heart of this friendly and welcoming establishment.

I was lucky enough to have my hair made-over by Leo himself and my experience was a pleasure from start to finish.

I was welcomed with a beaming smile and a hot coffee and we began our appointment with a long chat about my (terrible!) hair history and what I wanted the outcome of the appointment of be.

Never once was I made to feel silly for leaving it so long between cuts or my home attempts at dying and cutting it as I’ve had in the past; “it’s your hair!” Leo exclaimed “why not!”

If your unsure of what you exactly want done, Leo and the team will help you make decisions, not just based on your own ideas but on your personal style, skin-tone and eye colour – something id never experienced in any other salon; but these guys really do know their stuff.

I was left with a complete new bank of knowledge from shampoos to hair brushes thanks to our chat.

The time I spend having my hair cut and coloured was relaxing and comfortable; I felt totally confident as Leo worked his magic.

A personal highlight for me was the beautiful head massage (and back massage from a rather swanky chair) that I got while my colour was being rinsed: I would return simply for that and was told that many people do come weekly for a hair wash and blow dry – something I’ll certainly be back for in the near future.

The end result was simply wonderful: my hair was taken from drab and lifeless to brand new, sleek and healthy in a few short hours. What I loved most about it was, given that I’m a mother to an energetic two year old, Leo knew that I wouldn’t have time to overly style my hair each day, so gave me a cut that works around my lifestyle.

I was also pleased to find that as well as gender neutral pricing and complimentary fringe cuts, the salon also do cuts for kids.

I will certainly be treating my wee boy to a cut from Roar (once I can bear to let go of his boyish curls!) and was pleased to find that the salon is extremely family friendly.

My advice to mums would be; go alone first – treat yourself to that long over due cut (reasonable prices, listed on website) enjoy a hot coffee and a chatter with the most lovely team you could wish to meet who really do care about making you feel glam, get a luxurious head massage and totally unwind. Then take the kids, let the team ease them into a fun hair cut that won’t leave them running from the hairbrush.

A salon truly with people at its heart that I couldn’t recommend more highly.

My experience was gifted but all opinions are totally my own.


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