Skin Kissed 

Since having Joseph my skin has been totally up and down; during pregnancy thanks to a flood of baby hormones I was lucky enough to have the famous pregnancy “glow” and my skin and hair really did shine!

Fast forward to the days of breastfeeding and the months after when I was recovering from my body being depleted of nutrition, my skin really began to suffer.
I was finding that, not only was I have monthly break outs that left my skin sore and red, my skin generally looked dry and lack lustre and made applying make up difficult.. Sadly the reason I was wearing more foundation etc then usual, was because of my break outs, so I felt I really couldn’t win.

I had tried a few high street washes and spot creams but found these to be harsh and filled with strong ingredients which tended to burn my face and although helped lessen my breaks outs temporarily, made the rest of my skin all the more dry and dull.
Shopping for skincare products can be so tricky; as women we are often bombarded with fancy packaging (that comes with a fancy price tag!) and thrown so many different “cures” that you can actually forget what your even shopping for; I’ve often gone in looking for a spot treatment and come home with products claiming to cure crows feet and dark circles and left feeling deflated when nothing works and I’m focusing on things I’d previously never even worried about.
Shopping online can be similarly as difficult and that’s why I’ve been so weary to try just anything.

Skin Kissed caught my attention while browsing straight away, as its simple formula is comprised from all natural ingredients, that when compared to many other serums on the market, holds a relatively small ingredients list – Water, rose water, vitamin c, glycerine hyaluronic acid, Phenoxyethanol and marine collagen.

These ingredients are all what we would call “active ingredients” so you know that what your buying isn’t just pumped full of cheap, useless oils that essentially bulk out the serum and lessen the effects.
Another thing that struck me was that there was no “three step routine”, “boosters” or extras on the website; it is simply the serum itself that covers all your skins requirements and given that my skin had become so unpredictable, I really didn’t like the idea of using a number of different lotions and toners, so this was a real bonus for me!
When my oil arrived it was beautiful packed and fixed with a dropper applicator meaning there is no waste and it’s easy to apply.

The website advises using the drops twice daily; once in the morning and once before bed. I started a new regime including the serum that comprised of washing my face with a gentle baby wash (as not to irritate or interfere with results) and then using the drops as instructed.
As soon as you apply the serum, you can feel the quality of it in the soft and rich texture that is instantly moisturising without being heavy. My skin was smother and silkier to the touch and I have to say that I was impressed from the outset. It made a great base for make up and helped my foundation to appear more even.

A few months previously I had had a skin conciliation at Bobbi Brown and Rebecca who talked me through some of their products explained, that the reason foundation and concealer collects and can look cakey, is due to skin being dehydrated; she explained that the make up will be drawn to the dry areas and that’s what can cause the uneven look.

This serum almost instantly helped solve this issue.
Due to the high levels of vitamin C in the serum, some people do experience a slight irritation within the first few days of using the serum which I must admit, I did experience – my skin did present a few spotty patches round my chin area, but no worse than I was experiencing regularly before I started using the serum.

I also put this down more to my hormonal break outs that I don’t think will ever completely go away, then the serum itself.
I have now been using the serum for over two weeks and I can honestly say that my skin is totally different to the way it was before I began my new routine.
My skin generally looks brighter, more even and it really does have a glow about it that I honestly thought wasn’t possible given my experiences with breastfeeding and how much of a toll that took on my skin.

My break outs have been almost non existent and when I do get a spot, it seems to be less angry and subsides so much faster.

Another thing I wasn’t expecting, was that the lines around my eyes and forehead, seem less harsh and noticeable and overall my skin is softer and just seems younger and more vibrant. I’ve been really complacent with using anti ageing creams etc and never really been too worried about my lines and “wrinkles”, but now I’ve seen how much better the condition of my skin is generally, I’m happy in the thought that this serum is helping keep my skin fresh and youthful.
Skin kissed don’t claim that this is a miracle serum however, if you aren’t 100% happy with your results, you can return the serum for a refund; this speaks volumes in the companies confidence in their product and also highlights the ethos of the brand perfectly, in that finding the product that works for you is what’s really important – since dealing with Skin Kissed their staff have been nothing but helpful and informative and really do like to know that their customers are satisfied.
Skin Kissed serum is cruelty free and not tested on animals, plus 20% of their profits go towards charities which help children with mental disabilities, so by buying this product your not only shopping consciously, but your also giving back to those in need.
I was kindly gifted this bottle of serum to review for you all, however, I certainly am now a firm Skin Kissed customer and all my opinions in this article are 100% my own.
Retailing at £29.95 I think this product is really good value for money as using it in the small quantities that it recommends means it lasts for a long time – plus the website also offers bundles to stock up once you’ve tried it yourself and know you’ll be using it forever!


Check out their website here

And take a read of their FAQ for any further information or feel free to drop me a message about my experience.
You can also use my discount code – muminglasgow15 for 15% off!
Thanks for reading xo


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