Ahoy there! 

So Fergus has been away sailing for 6 days – actually full on sailing like a pirate… I have to say I’m rather jealous; he’s been to Ireland, Oban and some smaller places in between. He tells me this sailing business is to help with his “studies” but there seems to be a lot of gin involved.. I’m joking, I’m happy he’s having a nice time and he’s actually building up his sea hours so hopefully we can go out sailing as a family before summer is out. Still not sure how I feel about a 17 month old on a boat.. But I guess we will have to see what happens!

So what have I been doing with my time while he’s been gone?

Well I’ve using this week as a kind of little holiday for me and Joseph as the weather has continued to be so so nice! So we’ve doing a few day trips here and there and really trying to make the most of every day!

Being that Fergus is on summer from uni, his maintainence money has stopped which means we don’t get any income at all over this time.. So as money is tight (non existent!!) the things I’ve been doing have had to all been on a very tight budget.. But none the less, we’ve managed to have a really lovely week!

We did a day trip to the beach with my mummy friend and her son (Joseph’s best pal!) which was really lovely; Ayr is pretty much on our doorstep and so affordably accessible by train – we would love to go again when the weather is good. We also went to a country park and a few play parks and had a day of Father’s Day crafting – all free/cheap fun!

I’m slowing working my way through reviewing most of the places we visited so if your based in Glasgow and are looking for some low budget summer activities, check out my link here –


Or follow me on Instagram to keep up to date!

Search – “muminglasgow”

Thanks for reading!

Hollie xo


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