Bricklive 2018

Who doesn’t love Lego?!

I have to confess that despite Joseph being only 15 months, we have already had numerous trips to the Lego store; Mostly for him… but partly for us too! Isn’t there just something about Lego that is totally timeless and calls to everyone’s inner big kid? It somehow has the ability, more so than any other toy, to grab the imagination and leave you rummaging happily, for that certainly piece, for hours.

Even at 15 months, Joseph loves the rainbow colours and the endless ways to build and create (with a little help from daddy!) and what’s great is that there really is no age limit! (Except for maybe watching out that little mouths don’t try to eat the smaller pieces!)

So when we heard about Bricklive Festival – the UKs largest Lego fan convention, we were totally excited to be given the chance to check it out and bring you guys all the inside info!

After its huge success last year, Brick live is returning to Glasgow, bigger and better than ever before! As well as bringing back some previous favourites; Minecraft, Star Wars and DUPLO® for the minis, there are also some new and exciting attractions such as the Lego Safari which will be composed of nearly a million Lego bricks! You will get the chance to have you photo taken with one of the 80 brick animals which is a real must for any animal mad wee ones! There will also be exhibitions from other fans showcasing their creations, hoping to inspire others and really show the limitless possibilities Lego offers!

There will also be a large shopping area where you can get your hands on brand new Lego sets and also some collectable ones too!

This event really will be a must see for Lego fans old and young and will offer a chance for children to get hands-on with over one million Lego bricks on offer to play with!

To buy tickets to the event and for further details on the Glasgow event, see their website here –

Also keep posted on my blog for more announcements and also follow my Instagram for give aways, updates and also to see live action from the day itself!




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