I’m still here! 

So I’ve been super lazy with writing my blog again – I’ve actually really neglected writing in general lately and always put it down to not having enough time, but I forget how therapeutic it can be putting “pen to paper”.

To sum up life recently; it’s been good. I feel like we’ve finally really settled in Glasgow and with that its brought lots of opportunities that come with finding your feet and truly making a new city a home.

The biggest development is that for the first time in two years, I’ve got a job! It’s a cleaning job six mornings a week, just for an hour and a half and I really feel it’s been good for getting myself back into the working world. Having a baby can knock your confidence in the sense that you forget your a person in your own right and it can make you question your abilities and even though I’m only cleaning, it’s making me realise that I can do more than just change nappies; even just physically – I am capable of committing to something and spreading my time to things other than just being a mum. Of course my job of mum will always come first and Joseph will always be my first priority, but as he begins to need me that little bit less, I’m starting to create myself a bit of a base, ready for when he goes to nursery or school.

Fergus is doing so well at university. The thought of him ever taking on such a massive commitment when we first got pregnant seemed daunting, but he’s really working hard to prove that it can be done. He’s also doing so well at making sure he splits his time between home/work, which is something I’m sure all parents who do any kind of work struggle with.. But him and Joseph are closer than ever and that’s also been great for allowing my some more freedom. Being a breastfed baby meant that up until a few months ago when I finally managed to stop, I was still very much Joseph’s main care giver – he looked to me for food, comfort and everything in between; but now he’s come to the end of that journey he seems to look for comfort in Fergus too which there both really enjoying.

I’m hoping to keep up writing a weekly blog post on Sunday’s as well as my article that I’ve been writing for “Glasgow mums group” throughout the week – if you fancy reading any of my reviews and seeing what we’ve been getting up to or even if your in Glasgow and are looking for things to do with your wee ones find them here:

Thanks for reading 🙂



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  1. I know the feeling! I started writing my blog to feel more like ‘me’ again after feeling like the mum part of my brain was swallowing up everything else, and turning it to mush! Your baby looks so cute on Instagram 🙂 🙂


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