Confession of a stay at home mum.. 

So I’ve been focusing a lot more on my article writing then blog writing at the moment! Here’s a link to my newest article for Motherd “confessions of a stay at home mum” –

I promise I will be doing some full blog posts soon – I have a few exciting projects in the pipeline so watch this space…



One comment

  1. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” – LOL. I wanted to punch someone every time I heard that piece of ‘advice’. I formula feed my one-year-old (still) so it’s like SURE, when is anyone going to wash bottles, sterilize them, boil the water so it cools down and measure out the formula so I can do it when I’m half asleep? Yeah, ME. There is a lot of pressure on mums to do it all and have it all. I think it rose from the working mums setting the precedent, simply because it is so much more common these days. The world is expensive – I definitely understand it more now, but I just wish people wouldn’t look down at me when I say that parenting is my full-time job or I didn’t feel the need to say “Oh, I’m just a parent” when people ask me what I do.


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