Okay so I have to write this post as I feel like I’ve been duped all over again: just like the duping that occurred after giving birth and a sack of blood and guts was literally pulled from my stomach and the midwife shrugged and said very calmly “placenta? Didn’t you know it would be like that?” NO, NO I DID NOT! Well.. This time may be less bloody but it really is just as painful: teething. Why did nobody warn me how bloody hard and exhausting and painful teething would be??

Joseph didn’t have a tooth in his head until very recently when it seemed he got four out of nowhere, pretty much over night – I’m not sure if this is better or worse that they seem to be coming all at once? I’ve heard mixed reviews on the teething game but for Joseph he seems to be struggling a lot. I mean it’s bound to be bloody painful isn’t it? The dentist even said to me at my check up where he had a little look at Jojos pegs, that if adults had to go through it we probably wouldn’t cope.. Well I have news for you mr dentist, I am going through it and Im not coping that well at all! #sos #sendwine

Joseph’s never been a good sleeper, at nearly 11 months he’s never once slept through… Even writing that makes me shudder, like, how am I still a functioning human being?! But since teething has has he’s gotten even worst. No matter how much gel or magic crystals I apply, still he seems in pain and therefore wakes more often in the night, pretty much just for a cuddle. Add a recent bout of norovirus in the mix too and sleeping is just not happening.

Plus with norovirus he totally went off food and the breast feeding I was slowly cutting down just shot back up again so I feel it’s back to square one with weaning (that I was already finding hard!)

I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar stuff at around 10 months? More clingy, worse at sleeping, eating etc. I feel it can’t be just teeth and I’d really like advise on getting back on track as I’m one coffee away from becoming Starbucks….


  1. Omg I’m in the same boat! Jameson is 9 months and once he got his first tooth a couple weeks ago, it’s been a nightmare. We now have 3 teeth and another 3 coming in, all in the same month😅. So yeah, he wakes up every hour, lol. Wish I️ could give advice but I’m right there with you on this one! I️ hope things start getting better, sending good vibes! ❤️❤️❤️

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