10 months.

Has it really been two months since I last posted? I’m totally shit. That also means two months of being in Scotland?! Time literally flies!

On reflection, I wondered into the move to Glasgow pretty blindly.. I hadn’t even seen the area or the flat Fergus had picked out for us other than photos, so really, it could have gone terribly… I’m pleased to say however, it’s been amazing. Life in Scotland is everything I hoped it would be and more and I’m really truly happy here.

The area we live in is literally a toy town – it’s clean and pretty and everyone says hello?! I’m sure you don’t get quite so much of that down south.. It might help that there are quite a lot of old people in my village and they always tend to be cuter right? but even at baby groups people just seem to be more open to have a chat and that’s really helped what could have been a lonely and hard time.

The first few weeks I was going to baby groups every day as there really is so much to do locally, but for about a month now we haven’t been to any at all!

Mixture of reasons –

1. Teething… Why did nobody warn me how bad it would be?? I will do a separate blog about this later!

2. We have had lots of lovely visitors that have meant I haven’t had time to get to any!

3. Norovirus… No words.

So it’s really been a mixed time for us these first few months! It’s been great exploring and Fergus has been getting on so well at university but there have been a few bumps in the road that have made certain times trickier.. Blogs to follow on these now that I’ve checked in!

Expect plenty more spam now I’m back!

Hollie xo


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