So Ive been a bit quiet on my blog lately.. That’s because we’ve been super busy here what with packing and saying goodbyes, as we now move to Scotland in only two days time! 

Scotland for me holds so many memories; the rainy streets of Glasgow are where Fergus and I skipped merrily, full of champagne and dreams, having just got engaged – buzzing with plans for our future there; it means family, nostalgia, simplicity and future and the reality of it that seemed so far away, has come round in the blink of an eye.

So my emotions are completely mixed right now: Firstly I’m really excited! I’m looking forward to finally creating a proper little nursery for Joseph in our new home and for unpacking all my bits and bobs in our own nest; living out of a suitcase for the best part of two months with a baby has been tough!

 I’m also looking forward to actually living as a family once again. Fergus has been up in Scotland now for a week, moving up the bulk of all our furniture and unpacking most of our things and we really have missed him! It’s little things I miss most, like how he is always so positive and proactive about everything and how he always finds the fun in silly things: plus he has an abundance of energy which comes in handy when I’m flagging at the end of the day with Joseph! 

It’s been so long since we actually lived as a family unit and had that normal routine together so I’m looking forward to having that back again.

 Plus I can actually get back to Pilates on a regular basis now I know we’re in once place! Hurray! I’ve also been looking into a few more unusual classes.. Watch this space.

I am also a little nervous – more for Joseph then myself I suppose.. I’m nervous that he will miss being surrounded by so many people every day; it’s been a long time since it was just us every day and I do worry how I’ll adjust again in a completely new place. As a parent you want to do what’s best for your child and in the long run I know this move will be best for Joseph’s future, it just doesn’t stop me worrying about how such a big change will effect him.

The village were moving to is amazing though – Ferg had done a fair bit of exploring already and says there so much to do plus a really good sense of community, so my aim is just to embrace every bit of it and make sure Joseph has enough people to bounce his massive personality off! 

We have been so lucky these last two months though – our friends and family have been utterly amazing. The time Joseph has had surrounded by such love and happiness has been the biggest blessing, plus the overwhelming support everyone has given us. I feel so lucky to have such a strong network of people who in a way, make the move easier but also, so much harder.. Saying goodbye to everyone has broken my heart a tiny bit, but I know really, it’s just see you soon.

Now all we need to get through is the 6 hour + journey with a teething 8 month old… Wish me luck! 


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