Brekkie fruit cookies.

This recipe is super easy and a nice treat for babies Saturday breakfast – also handy for taking out as snacks: all the taste, zero sugar!

1 – start with a handful of fresh washed strawberries, the amount you use is really up to you and dependant on how sweet you want your cookies.

2 – you will also need oats, again the amount depends on how many you want to make (I used about 2 cups full and it made 8/9 cookies), a generous helping of smooth peanut butter and I also added a few chopped dates (not pictured)

3 – add the ingredients into a bowl and mix, I added a splash of water and then transferred to a blender

4 – using a table spoon place the mixture in blobs onto a lined baking tray

5 – bake for about 15 mins on a medium heat, turning once. The cookies will still feel soft in the centre but will have slightly browned round the edges.

6 – leave to cool and serve! You could also try swapping the strawberries for blueberries or banana or all three! As you can see these were a big mid morning hit!


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