Courgette fritters.

I always find thinking of lunches for Joseph reallyyyyy hard.

Breakfast is pretty simple as he will usually have wheetabix and fruit, toast fingers, porridge or pancakes and for dinner he usually has a sugar and salt-free version of our meals, but quite often were out and about so lunch can be tricky if I haven’t thought ahead!

Today I had the time to cook something properly however and even though I’m a shit cook, I managed these courgette fritters with ease and was quite pleased with myself!

Here’s my step by step guide:

1 – get yourself a couple of juice courgettes and give them a wash

2 – grate the courgettes into a large bowl and squeeze out any excess water

3 – crack one egg into the bowl (1 egg to 2 courgettes), about half a cup of self raising flour and plenty of cheese plus a good helping of black pepper. You can also add salt and oregano, salad onions or anything else to taste – I kept it simple for the baby.

4 – mix all the ingredients and form small flattened balls on to a lined baking tray

5 – cook until golden brown, turning once mind cook – these took about 20 mins on medium heat.

6 -serve with a salad for lunch or with bacon and eggs for breakfast

7 – as you can see these went down really well with Joseph and will keep in the fridge until the next day so perfect for baking ahead for a picnic or day out.

Super simple, cheap and healthy! You can also replace the courgette with sweet potato for another great version.

Enjoy!! X


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