Reblog: perfectly Imperfect and That’s OK

Mother of all Lists

IMG_8419 We ain’t perfect but we are happy It’s sounds like a massive cliche but life really is a journey. I am learning more about myself and who I am as a Mum along the way. And in turn more about what I want from blogging.

I’ve realised my main objective is to be real. So here is a list of the ways me and my life are perfectly imperfect:

  • I sometimes (more often than I’d like to admit) forget to brush the kid’s teeth.
  • We change our bed linen about every three weeks.
  • Sometimes my eldest’sbed linen has a faint whiff of wee.
  • I only remember to wash the towels when they start to smell damp.
  • 1 in 5 plants will die in my care.
  • I never iron.
  • I do occasionally use hair straighteners to sort out the worst creases.
  • I pass off homemade cards from the kids as a…

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